24″x24″ Primo Open House A Frame 2 (Realty One)


Brand: Realty One Group Exclusive

Our aluminum sandwich boards are made with two sheets of corrosion-resistant aluminum permanently bonded to a polyethylene core.
These substrates come 1/8″ in thickness to fit most display stands and are perfect for long-term outdoor and indoor use.
Aluminum Sandwich Board graphics are printed on vinyl with UV ink and mounted.

1. Maximum size 48″ x 96”, Minimum size 3″ x 4″ (store pickup only for size over 46″ x 38″)
2. High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720
3. Double-side printing is available
4. Long-term outdoor and indoor use, waterproof and UV safe
5. 1/4″ rounded corners

Any size | Custom holes
Material: Aluminum
Benefits: Laminated, UV Protection, Extended Ware
Down Fall: More Expensive

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