Primo Open House A Frame Sign – Template 3


Brand: Independent Realtors

Primo A-Frame

This model is the best A-Frame model we carry.

The construction is heavy-duty, yet because it is made of plastic, it is light enough to carry.

The sign panels are made of coroplast and are set in place and protected by the frame.

Available in white and black


  1. Our Top of line; Open House A-Frame Sign handle allows for easy carrying grip and very Durable plastic construction – avail white or black sand or water can be added for additional weight for windy days
  2. Stackable in a car with tabs that inset for each unit (allowing for no sign-to-sign contact) Securely holds up to a 24″ rider at the top of the A-Frame

Disadvantages: This is our Most Expensive Model that does not hold a flag.

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