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Q: How much does a Real Estate Sign Supplies Territory cost?

A: The total cost of a Real Estate Sign Supplies territory ranges from $48,400 to $76,700. This includes a territory fee, the cost to build, equip, and stock your facility, and the operating capital for approximately 3 months.

Q: How much revenue does a Real Estate Sign Supplies sm  territory generate?

A: Once you complete the Real Estate Sign Supplies application, our Territory Disclosure Document will be sent to you. In addition, we invite you to speak to our current territories who can share with you their financial results as well as their overall experience.

Q: I’m not a digital marketing expert, how do I build sales?

A: Part of your territory fees goes to national brand building geared to increasing awareness of Real Estate Sign Supplies. Another portion of the fees is used for local marketing efforts. Real Estate Sign Supplies corporate staff will assist you with your local marketing campaigns, and will provide you with training on how to develop your territory.

Q: How do I find the right location for my Real Estate Sign Supplies sm territory?

A: Based on your geographic interest, and based on current real estate listings in that area, the Real Estate Sign Supplies corporate staff will help establish a territory area for your Real Estate Sign Supplies business.

Q: I’ve never built this type of business before. How does all this work?

A: As a member of the Real Estate Sign Supplies team, you will be guided through all phases of  launch, training, and on-going marketing and operations processes.

Q: I like what I see. What are the next steps?

A: You can start by completing the Territory Application. You’ll find the application online by going to, and clicking on “Reserve Your Territory”.